Bailie Writes

As someone who enjoys creating the cleverest of hashtags and titles, “Bailie Writes” is so… not clever. BUT, it’s what I do! I write for fun (I used to write a family newsletter…that no one asked for) and I also write for a living. Content is basically my BFF and finding mistakes while proofreading is one of my favess! Oh, and I consider the exclamation point as one of my closest friends, so if you can’t even handle when someone overuses it…adios!

Guys, I had a blog named, “All Things Sparkly” for years and posted like five times, so who even knows if this relationship is going to last…or even start. Funny enough, that’s what Zach and I thought about our relationship 10 years ago when we started hanging out…but that’s a story for later. Oh, and it involves him hiding in the bushes in front of my house. On. Our. First. Date. Stay tuned for the rest of that story…again, if I even keep this up!

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